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I've just joined, and this is the first ever pro-ana community i've joined, so bear with me!

My name is Sofie and i'm 17 years old and i've been struggling with my weight since forever and ever. I've been on and off, though, and it's killing me! I'm looking for motivation and inspiration but at times they slip my mind and i find myself eating and eating and it's driving me insane. I want to get better and prettier and it's a comfort to know that there are so many out there going through the same thing i'm going through.

I am trying to find a buddy to go through this with me. I know that it helps to have someone to talk to and share everything with. Being obligated and reminded all the time to send that buddy an email everyday, with your rambling, intake, exercises, weight etc. etc. is the best way to get going and lose some weight. for real this time. So i'm looking for someone to e-mail with once a day, and to get befriended with. We could be friends and share our stories, so if you're interested, comment with a little bit of info about yourself, so i can get to know you.

About me: i'm a dreamer, i love blowing bubbles, sitting in fields picking daisies, reading books and drawing deer, staring at the stars, playing drums, snowboarding, music! i love the shins, the flaming lips, architecture in helsinki, fruit bats and anything dreamy or sweet or boppy~ i'm really looking forward to this, as it will help both me and you! and i do hope this is allowed, and if not, i'm genuinely sorry!
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