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coffee and cigarettes [entries|friends|calendar]
coffee+cigs= love

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Watch this...sexy [13 Sep 2009|09:44pm]

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[31 Jan 2009|10:09am]


ANIME SMOKERS [02 Dec 2008|05:10pm]

Basically, if you like to role play, this is a chat dedicated to the cool smokers of anime. Anything could happen besides SMOKING. I just thought It would be cool to picture a bunch of smokers from different shows hanging out together. Non-smokers are allowed, lol.

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i wish this community were still active =/ [28 Nov 2008|12:47pm]

[ mood | awake ]

 hello my lovelies. 

i miss posting in this community. lately i've been smoking parliament menthol lights. love <3 i switched from reds to all menthol. although i do still enjoy a red now and then with friends. and of course i still start my morning with a lovely cup of coffee. i've gained weight, as i'm a freshman in college. but i'm working on making it the freshman negative 15. ha i dont know if it will happen, but i'm trying. first order of business is to get back to my pre-college weight though. i've gained 8 pounds, putting me at 145ish. i just need to control my munchies, and work out more. cafeteria food + munchies + not working out that much = the death of me.

how is everyone else doing? update me on your lives!
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Aye. [10 Aug 2008|11:06pm]

My name is Katia, I'm from Germany but currently living in northern NJ.  I'm new here, so decided to give my greetings.  I've been bulimic since age 15 [nearly four years now] but have delt with a condition known as Body Dysmorphic Disorder since age 10;  I don't know how many people know what that is, but basically you see your physical self in a disorted way.  It isn't simply limited to weight, in fact in the 5th grade I'd spend hours looking into my parents' two-way mirror cabinet because it reflected two sides of my face.  I had an obsession that one side of my face was noticibly different looking from the otherside.  ANYWAY...I weigh 108lbs and at 5'7", it seems there are a few people on LJ eating disorder comunities who don't take me seriously.  =(  I'm studying psychology and Spanish online, and my mother is a lisenced clinical psychologist so I have the opportunity to read her fascinating books as often as I like.
My coffee drink of choice is a Skinny Cinnamon Dolce from Starbucks; 130cal of morning wakeup.  I've been smoking since age 14 and I have no idea why I'm still babelling on as most of you probably couldn't give two shits...

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New member [01 Aug 2008|06:30pm]

I work at Tim Hortons/ Mobil in Buffalo.
I get free coffee when I work...so I drink many many many cups. It also helps me keep the coffee fresh...if I wont drink it because it's old...no one else would...or should.
I smoke Camels. The camel representative lady came in and gave me a free pack of the new "Camel Crush". It is a light cigarette that can turn into a menthol when you squeeze the filter. It is wonderful. It would be better if they were non-lights...but you can't get everything you want. They will be sold in stores sometime around August 31st I think.

I drink my coffee light and sweet...like I like my men.
Ice Capps taste better without any flavor shots.
Sweet and low...any fake sugar...is for lame-os...real sugar is probably better for you.

Woot coffee.
Woot Camels.
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Hello [30 May 2008|10:31pm]

I've just joined, and this is the first ever pro-ana community i've joined, so bear with me!

My name is Sofie and i'm 17 years old and i've been struggling with my weight since forever and ever. I've been on and off, though, and it's killing me! I'm looking for motivation and inspiration but at times they slip my mind and i find myself eating and eating and it's driving me insane. I want to get better and prettier and it's a comfort to know that there are so many out there going through the same thing i'm going through.

I am trying to find a buddy to go through this with me. I know that it helps to have someone to talk to and share everything with. Being obligated and reminded all the time to send that buddy an email everyday, with your rambling, intake, exercises, weight etc. etc. is the best way to get going and lose some weight. for real this time. So i'm looking for someone to e-mail with once a day, and to get befriended with. We could be friends and share our stories, so if you're interested, comment with a little bit of info about yourself, so i can get to know you.

About me: i'm a dreamer, i love blowing bubbles, sitting in fields picking daisies, reading books and drawing deer, staring at the stars, playing drums, snowboarding, music! i love the shins, the flaming lips, architecture in helsinki, fruit bats and anything dreamy or sweet or boppy~ i'm really looking forward to this, as it will help both me and you! and i do hope this is allowed, and if not, i'm genuinely sorry!
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[24 May 2008|12:15pm]

[ mood | good ]

this morning is starting wonderfully. i woke up and weighed myself. 135.5 , which is my lowest recent weight :]
then i made myself some "coffee" that my friend gave me. it's called gano or something like that, and it's all natural. i think it's from china. there's no caffiene, but it's still supposed to energize you. you just boil some water and stir it in. i added some flavored powdered fat free creamer to it, and it tasted amazing. then i sat outside in the gorgeous weather and smoked a marlboro red 100 and marlboro menthol 100. then i talked to my best friend for 1/2 an hour, who's been living in florida.

good weigh in + coffee + cigarettes + cell phone w/ the bestie = the best start to a morning 


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Rolling. [18 Mar 2008|08:37am]


Anyone one here roll your smokes or have you ever smoked a rolled one? I'm thinking about possibly switching to save some cash but I wanted to know your take on'em. 

Thanks babies.

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[12 Mar 2008|06:17pm]
hey im new here, i just happened to find this community and was compelled to join because coffee and cigarettes are 2 of my absolute favorite things ever.  Im not really picky about my coffee, I like it black or with a little sugar.  As for cigarettes, I like smoking camels or marlboro reds, and occasionally ill buy a pack of menthols.
I was just wondering, what is everybody's favorite kind of cigarette?
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