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My name is Katia, I'm from Germany but currently living in northern NJ.  I'm new here, so decided to give my greetings.  I've been bulimic since age 15 [nearly four years now] but have delt with a condition known as Body Dysmorphic Disorder since age 10;  I don't know how many people know what that is, but basically you see your physical self in a disorted way.  It isn't simply limited to weight, in fact in the 5th grade I'd spend hours looking into my parents' two-way mirror cabinet because it reflected two sides of my face.  I had an obsession that one side of my face was noticibly different looking from the otherside.  ANYWAY...I weigh 108lbs and at 5'7", it seems there are a few people on LJ eating disorder comunities who don't take me seriously.  =(  I'm studying psychology and Spanish online, and my mother is a lisenced clinical psychologist so I have the opportunity to read her fascinating books as often as I like.
My coffee drink of choice is a Skinny Cinnamon Dolce from Starbucks; 130cal of morning wakeup.  I've been smoking since age 14 and I have no idea why I'm still babelling on as most of you probably couldn't give two shits...

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