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I work at Tim Hortons/ Mobil in Buffalo.
I get free coffee when I work...so I drink many many many cups. It also helps me keep the coffee fresh...if I wont drink it because it's old...no one else would...or should.
I smoke Camels. The camel representative lady came in and gave me a free pack of the new "Camel Crush". It is a light cigarette that can turn into a menthol when you squeeze the filter. It is wonderful. It would be better if they were non-lights...but you can't get everything you want. They will be sold in stores sometime around August 31st I think.

I drink my coffee light and sweet...like I like my men.
Ice Capps taste better without any flavor shots.
Sweet and low...any fake sugar...is for lame-os...real sugar is probably better for you.

Woot coffee.
Woot Camels.
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